July 05, 2012

KanaSwirl 2.0 released!

Here is what's new:

★ Katakana! KanaSwirl can now teach you the 46 katakana in addition to the 46 hiragana.

★ Pronunciation for each kana. You can now configure KanaSwirl to speak every kana or just the ones new to you.

★ Pronunciation-only mode. Instead of showing you the English for a kana, the game can speak it instead.

★ Innovative "Shake to Pause" setting. Ever drop your phone in the middle of a game? KanaSwirl can automatically pause when you do!

★ Better scheduling of reviews.

★ Japanese localization for AJATTeers.

★ Many speed, graphical, and UI improvements.

I resolved 55 tickets in and made a lot of code changes for 2.0:

 90 files changed, 2492 insertions(+), 730 deletions(-)

Come and get it!